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Nancy Matthews, the owner and chief designer of Blossom Collective, has always loved flowers and event design, but the road leading to Blossom Collective had many stops.

After graduating from college with an emphasis in Marketing and Studio Arts, Nancy picked up and moved to Italy, where she eventually completed her Masters Degree in Visual Arts. She started her career managing guests and events in historic Venetian palazzos, which served as her initial exposure to the beauty of floral design. She loved the imaginative art and unmatched beauty that flowers created and began to dabble in this new interest.

After several years, she eventually moved home to Washington, D.C., where she continued her career in hospitality, while furthering her involvement and education in floral design. Nancy took the leap to a full-time career with flowers and has not looked back. Her experience in art, hospitality, and event management allows for her to offer an array of choices and ideas. Nancy loves collaborating with clients in both corporate and social settings to create unforgettable and timeless design. She feels that flowers can create the tone for any occasion, and she is committed to helping you find the best way to celebrate, working with your ideas and offering her own. 

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